Dialogue with 36 industries in Beijing gives opportunity to promote Malaysia Vision Valley

JEMPOL (July 12): A forum and dialogue with 36 industries in Beijing held during the official visit by the Deputy Prime Minister to China recently have given the opportunity for the country to promote the Malaysia Vision Valley (MVV) mega project located in the western part of Negeri Sembilan.

Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun, who was a member of the delegation in the four-day visit from last Monday, said the visit had also enabled the state to offer investment opportunities to investors in the high technology industries.

He said some investors had shown interest to invest in the development project that will take 30 years to fully complete.

“We had promoted MVV 2.0 to their country and after a briefing, dialogue, as well as video presentation, they stated that the project is situated in a good location and it’s suitable for us to offer specific industries particularly high technology industries to benefit our country.

“This is what we hoped for following the MVV promotion to the investors. There are a number of telecommunication companies that want to discuss with us on the project,” he said to reporters after attending a gathering of heads of department for Jempol district here, today.

Aminuddin said the visit would provide positive input in developing the state based on the development success there which is full of revolution to ensure the country is cleaner, orderly and with attractive landscapes.

“The working visit will give a lesson to all to make sure we conserve the cleanliness and beauty of the state, besides getting a lot of good experience to enable us to build our country especially in the development sector,” he said.

In another development, Aminuddin commented on the bus route service between Bahau and Kemayan, Pahang which would be considered depending on the needs for such services.

“I asked that the applicant inform on the number of users (using the route) as we want to avoid a situation where there’s only the driver but a few passengers, or none at all,” he said.

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