Haziq’s father: My son is straight, not gay

PETALING JAYA (June 14): Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz’s (pictured) father, Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, 53, told theSun that he is still in shock following his son’s “appearance” in a gay sex video and “chose” to believe that his son is straight and not a homosexual.

“I watched both the confession and the lewd videos. The latter appears to be shady, and I don’t think that’s my son.

“However, I watched the confession video a few times, because I was convinced it was not my son. I was analysing the video, looking at his posture, his movement and his tone, hoping it was fake,” he told the daily.

Abdul Aziz revealed that he was not able to contact his son until yesterday and added that Haziq is “a very nice man”.

Haziq is the the senior private secretary to Deputy Primary Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.

Haziq announced on Wednesday that he was the “other individual” seen in a gay sex video that had gone viral on social media.

He also claimed that the other man in the sex video is Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Azmin Ali.

Azmin has since strongly denied the claims and called it a plot to assassinate his reputation and character plus a cruel and filthy attempt to sabotage his political career.

Meanwhile, a report by The Star said that a police report has been lodged by Haziq’s family after their home in Sarawak was “broken into” by five people at 5pm on Thursday.

His father Abdul Aziz Ibrahim lodged the report at the Kuching district police headquarters at 1am on Friday, the daily reported.

Abdul Aziz said five men who broke into his house claimed to be policemen from Bukit Aman.

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