Parking bully terrorising condo residents

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 31): A parking bully is giving some residents at Villa Crystal Condominium in Segambut a hard time.

He will park at your designated parking bay and when you complain to the management, the next thing you know, your vehicle is vandalised.

This is what happened to resident Ng Foon Hwee, according to a report by The Star.

“As I was driving towards my parking space, I saw a BMW parked there, so I asked the guard to clamp the car.

“When I returned to the carpark half an hour later, the guards were unlocking the clamp with the car owner present,” said Ng.

And he also noticed that the left rear view mirror of his car was damaged, but the illegal parker denied that he vandalised Ng’s car “as he only parked there for 10 minutes”.

CCTV cameras showed two men kicking Ng’s car “but it was too blurry and he could not recognise the faces”, the English daily reported.

According to the same report, Villa Crystal Condominium joint management body (JMB) chairman Deric Teh revealed that same culprit had parked his car at other owners’ parking spaces numerous times “since last year”.

Teh said the parking villain was not deterred even when his car was clamped many times, and it culminated with the latter going “berserk and removing the clamp by himself and throwing it away”.

Meanwhile, Kepong Community Service Centre head Yee Poh Ping wants the authorities to investigate the incidents as the illegal parker “might pose a threat to the residents”.

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