Petition to fix potholed road signed by over 8,500 people

KOTA KINABALU (Dec 27): A petition calling for authorities to repair a potholed road, Jalan Telupid Sandakan, from Telupid to Batu 32 in Sandakan has garnered over 8,500 signatures.

The petition was launched online, on, and was started on Dec 21 by Khairul Azlee Mohd Yunus, who urged via Facebook for the road to be fixed, to ensure the safety of its users.

The NST quotes him as saying: “People have been complaining about that road for so long.

“Therefore, let the petition on maintenance of the Jalan Telupid-Sandakan becomes our first (step in gaining) momentum to push the relevant authorities to provide quality road for the people.”

The petition is to be forwarded to Public Works department, Beluran district office, Telupid district office, the Beluran member of parliament, as well as Sugud and Labuk assemblymen.

The daily reports that Beluran member of parliament Datuk Ronald Kiandee, said he welcomed the petition.

“I welcome their action on this issue and I would like to share their worry through my Twitter account to the department, ministry and related ministers. However, there have yet any replies.

“The severely damaged road requires immediate repair,” he said.

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