Data Deletion Instructions

Data Deletion Instructions

If you wish to have your personal data removed from our records, please follow the instructions below. We are committed to ensuring the privacy and safety of your information.

Step-by-Step Data Deletion Request

  1. Log In: Access your account by logging in with your credentials.
  2. Access Account Settings: Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Account Settings’ or ‘Profile’ section of our website.
  3. Submit Request: Look for an option labeled ‘Delete My Account’ or ‘Remove Personal Data’. If available, follow the steps provided by the system.
  • If such an option is not visible, please proceed to the next step.
  1. Contact Us:
  • Find the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Support’ section on the website.
  • Send us a request for data deletion. Be specific as possible about what data you would like removed. Please provide the following information to help us identify your records:
    • Full Name
    • Email Address associated with your account
    • Any additional relevant account details
  1. Confirmation Email: You will receive a confirmation email from us. You might need to confirm the data deletion request by clicking on a link provided in the email.
  2. Processing: We will process your request and delete your personal data from our records in accordance with applicable privacy laws and our data retention policy.
  3. Final Notification: Once the process is complete, we will notify you that your data has been deleted.


  • Backup Copies: Be aware that some information might remain in our backup copies for a certain period due to legal requirements or for data backup purposes.
  • Non-removable Data: Some data may not be removed due to legal requirements or because it is intertwined with data about other individuals or non-personal data.
  • Service Effect: Deleting your data may result in limitations on using our services that require personal data.


Should you need further assistance or have questions during this process, please do not hesitate to contact us via [your contact information].

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Last updated: 240203